Jamie Caloras


  1. Growing an impactful remote design team (coming soon!)

    Philosophie / 2022
    Head of Design

  2. Helping teachers find the right material

    Teachers Pay Teachers / 2020
    Senior Product Designer

  3. Scaling a B2B education content marketplace

    Teachers Pay Teachers / 2020
    Senior Product Designer

  4. Envisioning a new kind of retirement account

    Benjamin / 2019
    Growth & Brand Designer

  5. Dotvoter

    Philosophie / 2017
    Product Designer & Product Manager

...I leaned on him not only to level up my skills as a Product Designer, but also for guidance when navigating complex work streams and team dynamics. Jamie was intentional in everything he did — from providing feedback to structuring team meetings to helping his designers build long-term, personal growth plans. Jamie is an exceptional manager, I feel grateful for the time I spent on his team, and can't recommend him highly enough.

...Jamie gave me the independence to explore new ideas and validate them with user testing in a fast-paced environment.