Jamie Caloras

Designing digital stuff since 2009

Design + Research + Code + Management
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Hi, I’m Jamie. In my design practice, I value listening, adapting to context, accessibility, ethical constraints, and a sense of play.

I mentor students enrolled in the UX/UI course at Springboard. Recently, I managed 10 product designers at the product consultancy Philosophie, doubling the team size through inclusive hiring and career development.

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An outline squiggle that Jamie quickly traced from his green Persion rug

I build trust
and pull teams forward.

My teams say I have a talent for building trust. Part of this talent is from my UX practice, which helps me listen like a researcher. And then when I promise to act, I follow through.

Above all, I was impressed with Jamie's ability to go into a room and represent design fully, both as a consultant and as a teacher for the younger designers. Jamie would be a true asset for any positions requiring design leadership and comes with my heartfelt recommendation.

Jamie’s fostered a safe space where designers can speak candidly about their struggles. Coupled with his extensive design knowledge, helpful critiques, and probing questions, he consistently challenges us to think beyond the box.

Jamie has excellent design and consulting skills and has a knack for managing our designers to greatness. Any team would be lucky to have Jamie, and I couldn’t recommend him more for any team looking to take their designs, designers or team to the next level.

Another outline squiggle that Jamie quickly traced from his green Persion rug

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I build this site with 11ty, a bottomless cup of tea, emergent chaos, barefoot, sitting on my green rug, and listening to music.